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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Sucessful Blog & Network Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is a really important issue for me. So important that back in May, I volunteered out in the heat to gather signatures for the SaveTheInternet.com petition to congress and won an ipod for my effort.

    Liz Strauss over at Sucessful Blog Has two great resources on the net neutrality issue.
    I've been reading Liz's blog for a while now. She has a lot of other great resources and articles on how to make your blog better and more successful, but writes in a friendly, conversational style that I find a very pleasant read. She updates regularly on net neutrality on these two pages. For the latest updates and news about the fight for internet freedom, visit these pages and the Save The Internet blog often. And while you are there, read some of her other great articles. She writes them just for you.

    Liz'z Net Neutrality Page #1
    Liz'z Net Neutrality Page #2

    I wrote about Network Neutrality for the first time in April when the issue first surfaced.

    And again in early May where I express my basic view on Network Neutrality.

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    Suzanne said...

    I thought that companies like AOL already steered their surfers to prefered websites, which is one reason why I always hated AOL. I didn't realize there was legislation on the table now making this the norm. I followed a few of your links and read up, and now I will have to call my Georgia Senator to cast my opinion. Thanks for the info! and for stopping by...It's always nice to find a new blogger.

    HandsOff43 said...

    I enjoy reading Liz's blog on net neutrality too. I wanted to point out, however, that the issue of so called net neutrality is non existent and will ultimately hurt innovation. Save The Internet has been scaring unknowing consumers with over the top assertions and untruths.

    Google supports net neutrality. Why? For one reason, they are about to launch the most innovative interactive video ad campaign ever, but they do not want to have to pay the internet service providers for use of their bandwidth to run these ads. So Google gets to make money on these cool new kinds of ads while the providers of the pipes get nothing. How is that fair? Google even has formed a political action committee so they can contribute to republicans in congress who support net neutrality.

    The internet has thrived for years. What makes you think it will fall a part without new rules?

    Thanks for your time,
    HandsOff43, with Hands Off The Internet Coalition