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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Newsflash: Officer Waves Gun In 7yo's Face

    Today I was approving a friend request on Myspace, when I saw this blog in my bulletin list.

    The blog talks about Pittsburgh police officer Eric Tatusko, who pulled his gun without provocation and pointed it at an innocent seven year old girl in a car full of children while her mother pleaded with the officer to stop, deal with her (the only adult in the car), and come take her identification. The officer continued to stand on the passenger side of the car with his gun in the child's face. When the children, terrified, started screaming and crying, the officer told the woman, Mrs. Pamela Lawton, that if she did not make the kids shut up and stop moving around, that he would "blow their brains out".

    It is very likely that the only thing that saved the lives of this woman and her children was the fact that Mrs. Lawton started screaming for help and was overheard by several passersby, who called the police for her. When other officers arrived, she was separated from her children and threatened with jail and CPS, but they were finally safe from threat of murder.

    This was a routine traffic stop. Mrs. Lawton had done nothing wrong, had no drugs, no weapons, and was cooperating with the police when all this happened.

    There are other tales of similar treatment, from simple disrespect and unprofessionalism to excessive police brutality that resulted in the death of a 4 month old unborn baby by the Pittsburgh Police Department.

    Also remember that you, as a citizen, have no right whatsoever, to protect yourself against the police. Protecting yourself against the police is a crime. Even when they are wrong. It is illegal to escape, and it is illegal to fight back. The only way to have rights in any encounter with the police is to inform them that you know what they are, each right individually as needed for the encounter. It is the job of the police to assume you do not know your rights, and thus systematically strip you of them so you no longer have any power or control over the situation.

    I can not, and I will not ignore this. We all NEED to take action to prevent this in our towns. It is our job to watch the watchers, because we are the only ones who can. Protect your freedom, protect the children, and stop the insanity.

    Read the blog linked above and pass it on.

    In Springfield, a man was forceably removed from his home by officers without a warrant a few years ago. So long ago, you know it must've gotten worse by now. The Springfield Police are very good at covering things up and fudging the facts about things like the gang problem*, grafiti, and the rising numbers of muggings, drivebys and other violent crimes. It DOES happen at home!

    Contact government officials and let them know that you are watching their every move. Shout it from the rooftops that you will not forgo your rights and lay down your freedom. Make it known we will NOT stand for this or any other abuse of government power!

    There comes a time when enough is enough. Now is the time when enough is FAR beyond too much.

    * If there weren't a problem, would there be a task force for it?

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    TheRambleman said...

    Ya know, that's just SCARY stuff :-( Thanks for the heads-up.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my gosh! What a shocking report!!I.... don't know what else to say. What on earth could a 7 year old do to provoke that?
    Have a little self control man!

    Heather said...

    Oh my gosh! How awful! Those poor children will be scarred forever. What a shame :(