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    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Petition Fun, Finding JESUS, Monday Potluck

    Today was yet another great day for the American people, savetheinternet, and network neutrality. I hit the streets yet again to gather signatures on paper and manually enter them into the computer. Again, there were those who wouldn't sign for whatever reason, but they'll go to the website and sign it themselves later. (most of the uninterested were running on their way to classes and couldn't stop for much. I even got one signature with this line "Hi, could you help me save your Ipod please?" *laugh* It was a good time and a great walk for the day. (yes, they agreed to have their picture taken and put on my blog. *grin*)

    On our way to better signature hunting grounds, we found this in a dorm window. I can now officially say that I've found JESUS. *laugh*

    When we got home, I entered in the signatures as fast as I could (while still maintaining accuracy) while Keebler made frybread for the potluck. We ended up being an hour late, but it was worth it as usual, and there were even more great folks there than regularly are! This is what we've been aiming for with the Monday potluck dinners; a true community event.

    As of this very moment, I have collected 52 confirmed signatures for the petition. (folks have to click a link in their email to confirm their signature) I gathered about 70, so I hope folks will start confirming signatures really quickly or they won't be included in the petition when it is sent off. The campaign to collect 1,000,000 signatures (yes we upped the goal again) ends at midnight. If you know anyone who has not signed the petition, please have them do so now by following this link: http://www.civic.moveon.org/save_the_internet/?id=7482-5207434-WRBts5ShonlDn2GHoA_ojA&t=1 Tell your friends on your internet instant messenger programs and your chat groups and everything. Let them know that they have until midnight to make their voices heard! Don't let them finish the day not knowing about the fight for network neutrality. Even if they don't sign, being informed is a VERY positive thing!

    Rules for signing:
    You must be 13 or over
    You must have an email address
    You must have a postal address in the US

    Not so hard, eh? And you thought you had to be a registered voter! *giggle* Quick! wake the children!!!


    Anonymous said...

    Did people look at you as if you were retarded? Apparently there is a learning deficit or a social deficit.....your bud Ashley

    Whimspiration said...

    Everyone who saw or spoke to me either laughed along with me abut the silly things, or respected that I was volunteering to do something close to my heart. It was a good day., and I have a whole new respect for the folks who do petitions as a living. *smile*