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    Friday, February 20, 2009

    Sickness & Recovery

    Did you ever notice that being ill is great for weight loss? *laugh*

    A lot of people have seen it, too sick to really eat, you drink broth and tea, ending up with a fantastically healthy calorie, fat, and proetin count, goodly vitamin amounts, and a great daily liquids intake.

    All that coughing is serious heart-healthy exercise, and really works out your chest and abdominal muscles, so by the time you are finally feeling better, you've toned up core muscles and lost weight to boot!

    But you still feel miserable...

    And you want to eat a lot of carb-rich, fatty foods once you are better because your body feels deprived of the fat that it burned during your illness... Yeah, we all know it's not worth it.

    So now you know why I've been missing for a while, right?

    Yeppers! I've been on the most amazing weight-reduction plan ever! I mean, I've been really, really sick.

    Way to look on the bright side, right? *laugh*

    So I haven't been able to go visit my mother in the nursing home because I can't risk making her ill (they sent her out of the hospital last week, she was ding so well). She is tentatively scheduled to return home (with 24 hour live-in help) sometime this coming week, so she's doing great, and I'm finally starting to come out of my illness.

    The house is getting much nicer, and we are slowly but surely clearing out everything we don't want, and everything is looking and feeling much nicer.

    Anywho, just wanted to drop you an update.

    So how have you been?

    1 comment:

    lovelife said...

    glad you are doing better
    r you the lucky one who gets to be your mom's live in help. LOL

    Love you hehehe