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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Sickly Memeing

    I've been ill for a while, and unable to post. I'm still not feeling that great, but I do have the energy to share with you a little meme I just got from a Facebook friend.

    Just Google your name followed by the word "need" in quotes and see what you get! Post the top ten you see, then tag ten or so people and have them try it. Its hilarious!

    1. Christina needs to realize that she in fact is not a bad ass. (oh, come on now!)
    2. Christina needs Facebook. (well, it's not really a NEED, per say, more like an addiction...)
    3. Christina Needs To Go.
    4. Christina Needs Help. (in more ways than one! *chuckle*)
    5. Christina needs a big family. (got one, thanks)
    6. Christina needs an exorcism. (!!! LOL !!!)
    7. Christina needs an adoption sponsor. (almost too true, I need a guardianship sponsor... close enough, right?)
    8. Christina needs to release a statement or something that she WASN'T showing her..... (oh dear lord, the hits you get from sharing Aguilera's first name!)
    9. Christina needs a baby-sitter. (okay, I'll go for that)
    10. Christina Needs Spectacles. (yep, I'll take that too)

    Wasn't that fun? Now try it yourself! I'm tagging Faith, Andrea, Todd, Angela, and everyone else who reads this, because I am far too tired after all of that to look up all of my dear internet friends and pick only ten.

    1 comment:

    Moosie said...

    my two faves for me:
    Melissa needs to be protected from herself.
    Melissa needs Brian.
    so true.
    wonder what it says if i try moose?