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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Google Fun & Surprise SEO

    I've been looking at some new blogs and "meeting" fabulous new people this last week online as a break from other, much more tedious tasks, sitting on the floor and utilizing the neighbor's free-yet-nebulous WiFi. In my journeys online, I discovered that you can find out where your site visitors come from, and what searches on Google brought them to you.

    So I decided to give it a try. *grin*

    Single most popular search term that brings new folks in right now: anything relating to the Fly Fusion Pentop Computer. Anything at all.

    fly fusion review
    Fly Fusion Pentop Computer
    fly fusion reviews <- First Page! fly fusion pen reviews <- First Page! reviews "fly fusion pentop computer" <- First Page! fly fusion pentop computer reviews <- First Page! fusion like pen <- First Page! LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer reviews <- First Page! flyworld pen <-First Page Higher Up! FLY Fusion Pen Top Computer reviews <-First Page Higher Up than the last! fly word products <-First Page Higher Up than the last! does the fly fusion pentop computer work <- Third on the list! what can the FLY fusion pen do <- Second on the list!! fly pen that hooks up to computer <-TOP Google Rank!!!

    Of course all of those lead to my thorough review of Leap Frog's newest product.

    I don't blame them though, that thing is fantastic, and to top off the amazing, no lead paint! (They put the lead in the white paint see, so even without special testing, I know that my gray pen with a black icon has no lead, a quality that is increasingly rare in popular holiday toys this year.) I do so love this thing! Heck, I'm practically gushing! *chuckle* No, really, buy one. Even better, buy one by linking from the Amazon ads on this blog. *conspires* You'll be glad you did.

    These next ones didn't come in on the front page, likely because there are several different versions of this online, and some of the websites they are on actually pay huge marketing firms for advertising. *wink*

    thanksgiving tree craft
    hands tree crafts thanksgiving

    Where you can discover how to create lasting memories and thought-provoking, compostable fun for the whole family while taking up no floor space whatsoever, or the two smaller versions that I created and posted about later that month.

    But it is the season for such searches, and with winter coming on fast, the next one was a no-brainer as well.

    cardboard faux fireplace
    recyclable fireplace
    temporary fireplace
    faux fireplace instructions <- First Page!
    large cardboard fireplace <- TOP Google Rank Again!!!!!

    Where you find instructions for creating the most simple and easy, eco-friendly recycled fireplace craft on the planet.

    Ending up the lot is a bit of green to remember the past season.

    guerilla gardens planting seeds in ugly places <- First Page!
    steps to addiction <- TOP Google Rank Once More!!!

    Which lead our lucky searchers to my tutorial about how to easily get addicted to beautifying your city with Guerilla Gardening, a process that relies on regular people reclaiming neglected places through horticulture.

    Of course, then there are the folks who just Google "Whimspiration", as well as the token obligatory "I forgot I was typing in a search box instead of the browser window" full URL search. *chuckle*

    I've never checked my page rankings for various search terms before, and this was both really fun, and enlightening. Can you tell by all the exclamation points that I am excited about my newly discovered search engine rankings? *grin*

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    TheRambleman said...

    "Where'd you find me?"

    On my homeschool list you gave a link to your blog eons ago :-)

    muttcats said...

    So far in November my site has had 48,971 visits.

    79.36% were using Internet Explorer
    14.78% were using Firefox

    5.79% came from a bookmark
    3.83% were referred by another site
    90.38% came from search engines

    The search terms used are not terribly interesting.