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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    November Family Craft: Thanksgiving Tree

    In this season of abundance, remind yourself of the blessings in your life with a recycled Thanksgiving tree. It's really a nice tradition, not difficult at all, and thought provoking to boot. *smile*

    * Paper grocery bags
    * Colored construction paper (for leaves)
    * Tape or Glue stick
    * Family members
    * Black Marker
    * Basket (optional)


    * Trace everyone's arms and hands out on brown paper (grocery bags are great)

    * Trace a child's legs and torso for the "trunk" on brown paper.

    * Cut several different types of leaf shapes out of multi-colored construction paper.

    * Glue stick (walls wipe down pretty easily with water) or tape the tree (arms with hands are limbs) to the wall

    * Put the leaves and marker in the basket, and place the basket on the floor under the tree.

    * As family members or guests think of things they are thankful for throughout the month, they go to the tree and write/draw their thanks on a leaf, gluing it to the tree.

    By Thanksgiving, you have a beautiful autumn tree, and by the end of the month your home is bursting at the seams with appreciation.

    We like to take a picture of our tree each year before we take it down so that we can remember all of the things we were thankful for in previous years. The tree itself, we toss into the compost heap to degrade into organic goodness by spring. Adding the photos to a holiday scrapbook is another great fun way to keep the memories forever.



    Heather said...


    Heather said...

    This is such a (physically) large project and the Christmas tree will be going up next week. I really wanted to do this, but didn't want to put it up for such a short amount of time. I got to thinking about it and during school time I will trace each of the girls' arms and hands. Their fingers can be the branches on which to put tiny little leaves! EEE!

    Tracy said...

    Very neat! Thanks!

    Whimspiration said...

    Heather! What fab idea! Bonsai Thanksgiving tree! *giggle* I'll have to start work on one right away. I bet it'd make a great centerpeice for the table too! :D

    Heather said...

    OOOOH! A centerpiece! CUTE!

    Anonymous said...

    I know this is off topic, but I just visited your daughters blog and saw what someone wrote there and am now PISSED! I dont get mad easily but attacking a child is beyond repulsive. I wanted to alert you in case you didnt know.

    Whimspiration said...

    Anon, thanks for the alert. I've had her change her settings on her blog so she won't have to deal with any more attacks. *smile*

    Trine V. said...

    Wonderful idea. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here since I live in Norway but that tree is so gorgeous and one should always find thingws to be thankful for

    sonia m. said...

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing it!