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    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Back Again

    I know, I know. Bad blogger. Let's move on now, shall we?

    Life's been crazy and hectic since the surgery. I moved into a new place wit my new boyfriend, and promptly went so far into debt trying to pay off all the bills that I can't see where I'll ever get out without moving again. Of course, moving will cost a lot of money that I don't currently have, so I sold off a lot of my personal possessions at a yard sale last month. I still don't have enough money to move yet, but I'm really hoping that I can make that up this weekend when I have my massive Tupperware liquidation party and my stone-painting art party.

    Other than that, my recovery is still going on. My back and abdomen are killing me on a pretty regular basis, but not nearly as bad as it was just after the operation. I've gained a whole lot of unwanted weight, skyrocketing back up to 220lbs! Needless to say, I'm a very fat case of not happy about that, not only because of the extra strain, and therefore, pain, but also because I now no longer ave any clothes that fit me properly. I've started NHRT, so I'm hoping that will help with the uncontrolled weight fluctuation.

    I've started an exercise regimen, and if I can somehow remember to do it every day (damnable ADHD), I should be back in the shape I was before the surgery in a couple of months. Wish me luck!

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