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    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    Back For A Minute

    Things have been crazy-hectic around here for the last few months, and while I have been able to find the time to talk to you about it, I haven't really known what to say.

    See, back in January, I got diagnosed with adult ADHD, and since then, I've been working with my doctor to get put on a medication that actually works for me, that Medicaid will actually cover the prescription for. Of course we need something that they will cover without making my doctor jump through a thousand hoops, which they are not willing to do because it takes too much time from the other things their staff has to do each day.

    I've been experimenting with at-home cognitive Behavioral Therapy for myself, while my eldest daughter has begun showing increasing signs of her own issues. Both of the girls are finally in counseling to help them deal with their separate and distinct issues that had sprouted from the molestation of my eldest, and we're looking into getting eldest into a long-term treatment facility because of how her behavior is effecting her safety, and that of those around her. Of course, because she isn't safe to be around much of the time (what she talks about is very age-inappropriate for a 9yo to hear, for example), her little sister has been staying with friends until we get everything straightened out. It's been pretty rough, but we'll get through this if we stick with it, with patience, love and understanding for one another.

    The court case to decide things for the perpetrator of the molestation is on Monday, and I'm rather nervous about what I am going to say. The prosecutor's office said that I could prepare a statement and simply read it to the court, but I don't know where to start, really, and time is running out quickly for me to do something for the sentencing.

    My notebook computer broke, and I'm working on getting that fixed right now, but that also takes time, and I need that machine specifically to be able to finish the work on my website, and another website that I am working on for a friend's business. Time is at a premium though, so I'm not really sure when that might happen.

    In other news, business has been great, I've discovered a new, fantastic convention at which to sell my wares, my friends are amazing, each and every one of them, and several of my close associates are popping out babies, making for a very busy last few months in addition to everything else that's going on.

    So while I've HAD the time to type to you, I haven't really known what to say, or how to say it.

    Now that you are somewhat up to date, I'd like to thank you for sticking with me, and for your patience during these long stretches between posts.

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    Evil said...

    Im behind on reading your blog again. I would like to say Im sorry for what happend to your daughter and I hope she is doing better. She has a strong mother to help her and im sure she is just as strong inside (even if it is hidding right now). It may take a lot off time to recover from something like that. When it happend to me I locked myself in the house for over 2 years, i wouldnt even go to the mail box. But once again I am a socal butterfly and im sure your little one will be back to normal with time.