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    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Business Ahead

    So I have a busy day tomorrow.

    I have a business meeting at in the morning, and right afterward, a conference.

    Of course, I am supposed to start work at 2pm too, so it may well be interesting if I get a call during my conference, but I'll just have to deal.

    After that, I have two meetings with friends for Freecycle things, and then, maybe, I'll get to come back to the office and work on the computer and build up the websites I need to finish while I work my assigned shift until 10pm, at which point, I may well have to drive to Nixa before I can head home.

    And T wants to go spend the night at her grandmother's house. I'm thinking not, since grandma has a landline phone and a mobile that can both be quite easily used by a sneaky teen, in addition to her ever-tempting notebook computer that she bought off of QVC and never freaking uses.. Yeah, not likely that little princess sneaks-a-lot will be allowed to spend the night at grandma's house tomorrow evening.

    Today, I spent all day writing a paper to read at court, and the conference is essentially an editing session with the prosecuting attorney's liaison so that we can get it to say everything that I want to say in the time that I will be allowed for my statement.

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