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    Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Wii Win & FreeBee Theme!

    The Springfield Freecycle(tm) group has been having semi-regular FreeBee events where you bring in your gently-used, unwanted goodies that fit the stated theme and trade them out for things that other people have brought.

    This is the time of year when we all start thinking to eating right and exercising, and it is also time for a new FreeBee. I was just looking for something to do, a good theme for the FreeBee, when I was chosen to host a party for folks to try out a new "sinless" treat and an exercise game for the Wii. I knew immediately what the next FreeBee's theme was going to be!

    This month's theme is health & fitness!

    Come on out to the FreeBee, Saturday, January 9th, between 2pm and 4pm at the Brentwood Branch library in Springfield, MO, and join us while we play with the newest, coolest Wii game around, try the newest guilt-free mousse from Jello, and swap our gently-used, unwanted exercise and kitchen gear.

    Anything that fits into those categories goes, too, so long as it is legal, and appropriate for all ages (no diet pills please, etc). That means all of those old gym clothes you never wear anymore, the hand-bike you got for your shoulder therapy, and those barbells that've been collecting dust in your garage can now all find a new home! Kitchen towels, that dish set you got for your anneversary, and the toaster you don't use since you went low-carb are also great ideas to bring. Rememb er, if it goes in the kitchen, or is related someway to fitness or exercise, you can bring it. Please keep in mind that large itels like stationary bikes and treadmills will need to stay outside, and if not re-homed during the event, the bringer will need to transport it to the chairity where we give the leftovers.

    The library for this event has a rather small parking lot, so they have requested that people carpool as much as possible, or park in the nearby blood bank's parking lot if they can.

    I've been really busy lately, and haven't had the time to write all about the Wii game, so I ran off with their advert and posted it here for you to learn more about the game. While I did get a copy of the game for free, I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, so my review will have to come after Saturday, when I can tell you not only what I think of it, but also what my party guests thought of it! :D

    See you there!

    Amazon.com Product Description of 'Your Shape' Fitness Game.
    Your Shape

    Developed in collaboration with fitness experts, Your Shape personalizes a fitness program to your body type, goals and schedule. The game comes with a motion-tracking camera in the package. Plug the camera into your Wii and you’re ready to go! The camera scans your body so your every move can be detected and guided.

    Jenny McCarthy is your in-game workout buddy--she will motivate, inspire, and guide you as you work to reach your goals, while keeping things fun (and funny) along the way. Since the game detects your movements, Jenny can coach you as you work out to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly. Fitness has never been this personalized or this much fun!

    Limited Edition ControllerController Free ExerciseFocus on Specific Areas

    Personalized to You:
    First, you take a fitness test so the game knows your current fitness level. Then, you tell the game what you’re trying to achieve (slimming your stomach, strengthening your arms, etc.). Based on that, the game designs a program specifically for you based on your fitness level, goals and schedule.

  • Constant Guidance to Ensure You’re Doing the Exercises Correctly
    The camera projects your image onto your TV next to your in-game workout buddy, Jenny McCarthy. Jenny is in the game, motivating you and coaching you to success. The camera tracks your movements so Jenny can tell you what you’re doing right and correct any mistakes. That way you know you’re not wasting time.
  • Exercise Controller-Free
    The camera sees you, so it works without requiring any additional hardware, leaving your hands free to focus on the exercises.
  • Fun and Motivational
    Jenny McCarthy is your workout buddy--always by your side, entertaining and inspiring you. As you exercise, the game regularly displays how many calories you’re burning and your accuracy percentage so you can always strive to beat your high score!
  • More Exercises Than Any Other Game
    More than 400 exercises ensure that your routine is working to meet your goals. Plus, you’ll never do the same workout twice
  • Compatible With Your Own Fitness Equipment
    The game works without requiring any extra equipment, but if you have free weights, a balance ball, a step bench and/or a heart rate monitor, Jenny will include them in your personalized routine
  • Challenge Yourself
    Test your fitness level with the physical challenge, a test designed as a check-in for you to see how much your fitness level has improved. Take it any time!
  • Play in English, Spanish, or French

    moosie said...

    ooo i havent heard of this game. how did you get it for free? i just may have to arrange for time in my busy schedual to come check this out!!!

    Whimspiration said...

    Oh yeah! If you like workout videos, this is THE video game for you! *grin* Review coming soon!

    As or how I got it for free, I do a lot of product reviews, and one of my review partners offered me the opportunity to try this game, and even gave me some goodies to give away. Check back soon for the giveaway! :D