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    Friday, July 03, 2009

    So Long & Thanks For All The Wheels

    We are now finally out of the old place, having cleaned the living heck out of it, and left it better than we found it. Everything that we now own is either over at my mother's house waiting for me to have a huge yard sale later in the summer, or at our new place.

    We couldn't have done it without all your help, especially when I didn't have any transportation. Thanks, for everything.

    For now, we're leaving it all where it is, locking up tight, and going camping. We'll be gone for about a week, but we'll be back to our new home, and back to blogging, shortly.

    May you have a glorious and safe fireworks and family celebration!

    1 comment:

    Rambleman said...

    Glad you got everything moved.

    Hope your camping trip was great and possibly relaxing.