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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    What Era should you time travel to?

    Too funny, of course I knew that one already, I just wanted to see if I would get the correct result from a silly little Facebook quiz. *chuckle*

    Victorian England

    You like elegance and value wisdom. Curiosities and scientific tid-bits facinate you to no end! You like to be in charge and pay attention to even the smallest detail. Making people feel at ease is one of your many talents. Your analytical style makes the intracate Victorian life style endlessly facinating to you! So gentlemen don your top hats and ladies lace up your corsets because your time machine is ready to take you to Victorian England!


    Kelli said...

    Victorian England sounds good. Just watched the PBS series "1900 House" and was very interesting. I think that I would travel to probably the middle 1800's. Living out on 30 acres in a log cabin and being self sufficent.....sigh....

    Whimspiration said...

    Kelli, that does sound great. *smile*

    Then again, you can do that now, just grab up 30 acres out in the country, and live your dream. There are a ton of survivalists and green activists doing it, you can too.

    Whereas folks look at me a bit funny when I go out tightlaced in a long gown and high collar with a parasol in hot weather. *chuckle*