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    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Camping In The Summer Sun Without Summer Fat

    Well, my family just got back from camping at our usual campground this year, and I have learned what being fat does to your mind.

    In our little campground, there are porta-potties on either end of a strip of campsites (spots for about 10 tents, with grills and parking). The last year I went, I was about 300#, and I brought my own porta-john and set it up by my tent because the campground's bathrooms were simply too far away to walk to...

    I honestly thought that a maximum of 5 tents down was too far! But then, I didn't count how many tents back then, or verify exactly ow far it was, I had just tried to walk it a coupple of times and it had tired me out and hurt so bad, that I drove(!) to the bathroom for the rest of the trip.

    This year, however, I was walking other people to the bathroom because I had nothing better to do and walking with folks to the river access points (much further than the bathrooms)!

    I feel great about how I feel now, and the fact that I didn't get tired or have any pain while camping really made for a much happier time.

    But looking back on how I thought back then, what that extra weight did to my mind... I am ashamed of what I once was.

    But so proud of who I am finally on my way to becoming! *grin*


    lovelife said...

    you are doing so well with the weight loss keep up the good job.

    Rambleman said...

    So happy that you're happy and that you had a good time camping.

    moosie said...

    you forgot to tell me about the picnic again! i found out about it too late, as i saw it on the news.