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    Friday, June 05, 2009

    Dropping Round Numbers

    Have you ever noticed that dropping 10lbs feels better than dropping 5?

    How about 12lbs, as opposed to 10?

    The round numbers feel like real milestones, don't they?

    And the other numbers, somewhat less important...

    No matter the goal weight, there is always a "magic" number to drop below, that you, as an individual, really feel you've done something worthwhile, once you've managed it.

    Just something I've noticed.

    See, I wasn't sure that I would ever manage to be reliably below 200# ever again, especially considering the fact that the last time I was under that weight was about 11 years ago.

    But the oter day, I weighed myself and I'd done it! Not just barely under 200#, not that phantom weight that means you could rise back up easily because of natural weight fluctuation, but a real drop, incapable of rising above 200# by mere simple daily or weekly fluctuation of a couple of pounds.

    I am now 194#!

    And it felt a LOT different than merely dropping a round number, like I've finally accomplished a major milestone towards my personal goal weight.

    My shrinking has been a lot slower than when I first started this journey, but it is still consistent, and I am continually moving forward towards my goals.

    I hope you are doing as well!

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    Rambleman said...

    Congrats on the weight loss and the moving forward. Whoo-Hoo!