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    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    8 Steps To A Packing Party

    We are moving, and having one heck of a time getting it all done on time, so we need help. LOTS of serious help. So I put my head together with a couple of my friends and we came up with some resources that I had forgotten about in my "old age". See, I've used these types of resources before, but had seemingly forgotten about their availability in my time of stress. I'd only ever used these techniques when I wasn't stressed.

    So here it is, 8 steps to a moving party!

    1. Find that extra food you don't want or need, that you aren't in the mood to move to your new place.

    2. Find your hungry friends; Folks who don't have the money to eat really good food, or those that don't have the time or means to cook for themselves most of the time.

    3. Load up on flattened boxes and tape.

    3. Offer your friendly square kids a gourmet meal and food to take home with them in exchange for helping around the house.

    4. Badger your friends in a friendly manner for several days after the agreement is made to get them to actually come over.

    5. Start cooking your meal and send them word that food will be ready in about an hour if they want to come over right then and get to helping out.

    6. When they arrive, set the helpers to work while you finish dinner. Let the food cool a bit after it's done until you get at least 1/2 hour's work out of them to make sure they are geared up and set into the work frame of mind for the next few hours.

    7. Feed them really well, and with food they haven't been able to afford for themselves. (I used shrimp kabobs, venison, and bison from my freezer that I got on clearance or gifted to us during the past year, and that I didn't want to have to move to our new place, and macaroni & cheese.)

    8. When they day is done, send each person who helped home with at least one bag full of food for their own home.

    That's it! Soon your house will be nearly swarming with folks just itching to work, and more stuff will be done by the end of the night that had been done on your own for over two weeks.

    Optional step seven: Ask them to come back the next day and help some more for more food and happy helping goodness.

    1 comment:

    Rambleman said...

    I think those are great steps to getting movers over. Good luck.