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    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    A Birthday Missing

    Well, T is now 15 years old. Another year older, hopefully much wiser. Her most recent full year on this plane has been a hard one, full of lessons about human behavior, anantomy, and psychology. She has learned of broken hearts and shattered dreams; Silver linings, and lights at the end of tunnels. Much about her own inner workings, she has come to understand, and is beginning to slowly come to an understanding of not only who she is, but who she intends to become as she matures.

    Celebrations were nonexistent, as she had been told at Yule that if she did not keep up with her chores and keep her room clean, that there would not only not be a yule celebration, but there would also not be a birthday event either.

    So far, both children have missed out on a birthday and a Yule celebration because they couldn't follow the rules of our household...

    Somehow, however, it seems not to bother them so much. All of the excitement and joy of a single day being celebrated with gifts and fanfare seems to not be that big of a deal to either of them. They don't miss the gifts, the day dedddicated to their enjoyment, or their favorite foods all day long. In fact, they don't seem to miss it at all. Their favorite foods cycle through our daily lives at random, they always have the things they need and want, and we are near-constantly doing the thngs that they most enjoy, usually several times a month.

    I'm not sure that missing out on a gifting holiday is much of a "punishment" for either of them after all, actually.

    But, there you have it. She is another year older.


    Rambleman said...

    Guess it wasn't much of a birthday then :-( Did she view the e-card I sent/for her?

    Evil said...

    Well If they dont mind I think you did a fine job raising them and just from that posting it seems they are more mature then most kids.