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    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    Delightfully Decadent Eco-Decor: Fall & Winter Series


    I am determined to get some of this done before the holiday season really gears up into full swing.

    The family has already started the Thanksgiving tree and countdown turkey this year, so other crafty goodness must assuredly follow. *smile* (Instrictions for 2 different varieties of bonsai Thanksgiving trees, large Thanksgiving wall tree tutorial, crafting a Thanksgiving countdown turkey)

    First things first.

    To do all of the crafts in fall portion of this series correctly, we must start with a nature walk to gather free materials. This can be a lot of fun, so pick a nice day and get out of the house for a while.

    How can you make it more than just a simple no-cash craft-supply shopping spree?

    This can be a special family time just as valuable as doing the crafts themselves, so bring everyone, and make the most of it.

    * Make a list for each family member, give them two reusable fabric grocery sacks or canvas totes and a plastic grocery bag, and call it a scavenger hunt.

    What's the plastic bag for, you may ask? Picking up any litter you might find on your hike! Nothing makes a nature walk even better like leaving it nicer than it was before you found it, and protecting the environment and local wildlife in the process.

    * Turn it into an educational event for fall plant and tree identification, a wild food hunt and gathering party, or seed some untended areas with winter food for local animals.
    Here's your list of things to get while out**;

    Tall grasses with the seed heads still attached. (20)
    Twigs with branches off of them, or dead tomato plants with the leaves stripped off. (5)
    Dried Leaves (2 plastic bags full)
    Small log or large branch section (2)
    Pinecones (15)
    Small pinecones (20)
    Birch bark strips (about 25)
    Small nuts, shells, woody misc (1 plastic bag)
    Feathers (any you find on the ground)

    Other Supplies Needed (or that might prove useful);

    Waxed paper
    Busted crayons
    Cheese grater
    Hand quilting thread
    Whole cranberries
    Clove oil
    Baling wire (or metal coat hangers and pliers)
    Empty, clean food cans (any sizes)
    un-popped popcorn (unflavored)
    Glue stick
    Air popcorn popper (or other popping method)
    Sharp darning needles

    From the spice cabinet: vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, star anise, whole cloves, whole bay leaves, pumpkin pie spice

    * State and national conservation areas may have a law regarding gathering of plant matter. Please check your state's regulations and stay legal!

    ** List is for one-2 of each project. For more projects, get more goodies.

    *Whoops* : I accidentally forgot to change the date of posting to reflect the actual date I posted this instead of the date I started writing it. Sorry about that. *blush* All better now!


    Rambleman said...

    Sounds like a good plan.

    Faith said...

    I forgot all about the Thanksgiving tree this year!

    Whimspiration said...

    There is always time to give thanks, even if your thanks-papers take the form of a set of thanks-ornaments for your Christmas tree. *smile*