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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Reeled In

    Okay okay, I give!

    Here I am, blogging away, back by popular demand!

    Your concerned, artful, and sometimes very creative comments have brought me back from the land of the notblogger. You should be proud of yourself. *chuckle*

    We've been really busy lately. Yeah, I know you've heard it a million and one times before, but it's still true, and these things come in waves. This time it's so much so, that I've been consistently a week or more behind on my emails, and I've set nearly all of my e-groups to web only (and not been reading them at all!). We've cut out a lot of our family's weekly activities in order to make more time for the family and the house, and so far things are working out really nicely.

    We've stopped having as many guests, slowed down our volunteering by a large margin, and even slowed down our geocaching! *gasp* That's right, even our favorite sport has fallen by the wayside while we get things set up precisely how we want them in our lives and in our home.

    Yes, I still love you, and I'm still here.

    It's nearly 4am, I meant to go to bed near midnight because we have an exceedingly busy day lined up for tomorrow, and I'm typing to you.

    That's how much I love you.

    Now I really have to get to bed and get some rest. I promise, no matter what, that I will blog again in the next week. I may even do it sooner if I can gouge a few spare moments out of our schedule.

    'Till later,


    Anonymous said...

    Things have happened. Check out my LJ for more details, or my email/MSN's the same as always.

    Irish Mike.

    Rambleman said...

    I hope you really have slowed down, but seeing the time of this last post (4 a.m.) it would appear you're still pretty busy. Anyway, welcome back to blogger-land. Nice to see you again! :-)

    lovelife said...

    so happy to see you back. You give me a reason to get online lol

    Faith said...

    The mighty blogger has stepped up to bat once more!

    Anonymous said...

    So much for being reeled in.

    lovelife said...

    More your fans need and want more lol