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    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Cacheing Tides

    I've stopped geocaching for the most part too, so don't feel too bad about being left in the dusk (not quite dark, I still post sometimes). I've cut out the majority of everything at this point, in an effort to get everything caught up, and with the new job, that makes it that much harder.

    I still find the time to go grab a geocache with the family as a little break from the day once a week or so, but that's what I wanted to start cacheing for anyway, some nice, fun, quiet time for my family to share together. A quick and adventurous activity to bring us all closer together. Family time is so underrated these days.

    Of course it never hurts to grab one or three with friends from time to time, but devoting my life to the hunt doesn't work for me. I'd rather leave some to find later, and make it into a somewhat leisurely sport, at least as far as my family is concerned. Now don't get me wrong, if I happen to see a new cache that nobody's found yet, you'll have to tie me to my chair to keep me from bolting out the door, but I'm no longer checking the site every three hours or so to make sure I haven't missed anything. *chuckle*

    More later. *hug*


    Anonymous said...

    Job? What job? See, this is what you get for never posting. Some of us aren't up on your goings-on!

    lovelife said...

    job tell us what you are doing/