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    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    The Rarest Of The Species

    "Perhaps one of the most commonly sited species in North America, is the dead animal on the road."

    "The dead animal on the road measures 5 foot by 3 foot, by 1/4 inch."

    This would, of course, be the absolute rarest of the species, the dead fish on the Greenway trail.

    Photo capture inspired by "Canadian Wildlife: The Dead Animal On The Road", a song/skit by The Frantics, from their album "Frantic Times".

    You can hear the beginning of the song here.

    The Frantics are a Canadian comedy group often featured on the Dr. Demento show. For more info and a listing of their other songs, visit their unofficial fan site.

    EDIT: Faith was surprised that I didn't mention that I found this fishy while out geocaching, so here's the edit. *chuckle* You find some of the most interesting things (besides the caches themselves) while hunting for Tupperware in the woods!


    Faith said...

    That dead fish in the tunnel was one of the weirdest things I've seen on a trail!!
    How could you show that picture and not mention we were GEOCACHING(!!!!) when you saw it!!!
    geocaching, geocaching geocaching, geocaching...and the beat goes on!

    Andrea R. said...

    This will be the last time I decide to drop in on your blog while I'm eating lunch. Especially since I'm eating leftover fish for lunch.

    Anyone want the rest of my lunch?

    Faith said...

    So has the mighty blogger fallen?
    An unsung hero of the blogosphere has disappeared and those faithful readers of her blogdom are saddened and wondering when she is going to catch the world up on her life.
    Oh mighty Whimspiration, fuel our fires and inspire us again with your wit, wisdom, words, wiles, wistfulness and of course whimspiration.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you ever post anymore?