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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Building Community

    There was a concert and a playgroup at The Radish last week, and both were a lot of fun. Nora & Gnoll were even better than I remembered them, and I tried to take video, but, alas, I have children who just HAD to come up to me and chat while I was filming, so that didn't work out quite as I had planned.

    The new garden beds are coming along quite nicely, and we're scheduled to deliver more used coffee grounds to the urban gardening project on Friday, when we will likely be able to finish and plant the newest bed and finish weeding the urban garden patch. The Radish could really use some clean, rock-free soil, so if you have some you want rid of, please let me know. If you can't deliver it to the garden, I bet I could find a way to get it picked up if you're in Springfield. *smile*

    Other than that, things are going well on the home front, our personal garden is growing rather nicely, albeit slowly, and I should soon have some free time to spend on getting a proposal written up for buying the property for the educational farm and community center we want to create.

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    Rambleman said...

    Super glad to hear everything seems to be progressing along well.