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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Waaaaah *sniffle*

    I've been pushing full speed ahead for a while now, working, having fun, volunteering and more, and I think it has finally caught up with me.

    I'm sick.

    Of course this would have to happen when I'm half-finished with weeding The Radish's community garden patch, planning a visit to some friends, arranging to pick up some fruiting bushes from a Freecycle(tm) member, planning to host a cooking class, cleaning the house, and setting appointments for people to come get their dreadlocks formed or maintained (along with all the other stuff we do regularly). And right after I develop a burning desire to visit St. Louis for two very special Geocaches too! *sigh*

    It always works out that way, it seems.

    But I'm on all sorts of treatments to make this ick move along faster, and hopefully with enough supplements, juices, and sleep, I'll be over it quick, and we can all get back to our regularly scheduled programming. *smile*

    Unfortunately, this illness means that the trip may have to be delayed indefinitely to avoid overcrowding and grumpy children on the long trip.

    Bonus, up to the minute news; The girls are over at a friend's house, and I just got a call telling me there has been an accident. Littlebit just bashed her nose on a bicycle because some adult picked her up and didn't watch his surroundings. She had a nosebleed, and may get two black eyes. Isn't that lovely? They're on their way home right now.

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    Rambleman said...

    Oh damn, so sorry you're sick :-( *HUGS*

    And as for Littlebit... poor thing :-( *HUGS* for her too.

    Feel better soon!