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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    Breaking News: Downtown Fire


    At roughly 10:30pm, at the corner of 7th and Mt. Vernon in Springfield, Missouri, a garage caught fire. By the time the fire department arrived, the fire had completely engulfed the building and spread to an adjacent utility pole, and the pole had begun to lean precariously towards the pole across from it on 7th street.

    We arrived on the scene at about 10:45pm, when the flames were towering over 10 feet above the roof of the building. We never would have known about it when we did if it hadn't been for two untagged, but well cared for dogs with collars, who ran into our house through the open door for a bit of a visit and some love. We had gone out to see if we could find their owners before we turned in for the night, and that's when we saw the fire, a few blocks away. Thinking that the dogs may have escaped from what appeared to be a house fire, we went to find the residents and offer them their precious puppies back.

    Here is the video Keebler took of the fire a couple of minutes after I called 911, and they told me that trucks were in route.

    Luckily, the garage was a free standing building, so the fire didn't spread far before the fire department arrived, and quickly got the blaze under control.

    Some photos of the firepersons hard at work on the remnants of the blaze (taken with my cell phone, Keeb still had the camera. Still, they came out surprisingly well.).

    After a short investigation on my part, questioning the fire department and bystanders, I learned that the house was vacant, and for sale. It's good to know that nobody lost any possessions in the blaze, but the garage will need to be completely torn down, and the house is going to need new siding, due to heat damage (and the fire dept ripping some of it off to check for possible smoldering underneath).

    Remember, you heard it here first, folks!

    Here's a photo of the dogs.

    Anyone know who their owners are? I'm sure these playful pups would love to get back to their rightful home(s).

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    lovelife said...

    hope you find the dogs homes you might post them on CL
    cool video you all took