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    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Back From Whence They Came

    Well, I've been rather incommunicado these last few days. What with caring for the puppies, trying to find their rightful owners, and getting ready for Ladybug's birthday party, things have been really hectic.

    Yesterday, after we gave them a bath, treated them for fleas again with our natural goodies, and fed them the last of the food I had cooked for them when they came here, the puppies left in the way they came, running off in a fit of glee, wrestling and playing. We wandered the neighborhood for a wile looking for them and they were nowhere to be found.

    I can only hope they either found their way back home, or, as Keebler would say, found some poor sentimental sap who would take them in like I did. *chuckle* Well, they look really healthy now that we'd had them for a few days, and I'd like to think they have more going for them now than when they came to us, but I really wish I had tucked a piece of paper into their collars stating what breed they were (puggle), and their ages and personalities so that the next person who finds them can know the information without having to do all of the research I had to do.

    It would also have been nice had I not left them in the care of Littlebit, who seemingly got so carried away playing bubbles with the neighbor kids, that she didn't notice when they frolicked, tumbled, and raced away down the alley from whence they came.

    Now I have to go delete all of the listings I put out for them all over the internet when I was hoping to find their rightful people.

    At least they know enough to stay out of the street for the most part, so that's not a big worry, and they're small, friendly, and cute, meaning that they will be able to sucker some other caring soul rather easily.

    All we can do now is hope and pray for their safety and wellbeing.


    moosie said...

    hey, i know i have discappeared again, and i planed on it. i need to refocus on my family and work. but you need to update your blog more. i want to know you are all ok.

    Evil said...

    I hate the word puggle. Its not a real breed and makes people think they can cross breed for money when there are tons of pets dieing in shelters.
    Mix breeding is wrong and drives me nuts, it seems now you can cross any two breeds give them a fancy name and people will pay a lot for them. Most of the people who do this dont even do all the health testing needed before you breed dogs.