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    Monday, May 26, 2008

    As The Dust Settles

    It is proving difficult to keep the kids indoors often enough to actually get some decent help out of them. The neighborhood is flooded with other kids right now, riding their bikes all over, playing, yelling, and otherwise having a blast, while here I am, mean olde mom, making them stay inside and unpack their own things. *laugh*

    The neighbors absolutely adore us, and after a few tries by the neighborhood kids to mistake Keebler for an easy mark to try cons on, and my subsequent prompt correction of the issue, things are getting right set up the way they should be.

    The kids played in the rain today while we collected the rainwater to use for doing some basic cleaning on some of the furniture, then we used the rest to wash part of the front of the building, which was terribly fun for all involved, despite (or partially because) we got so wet doing it.

    It will be easier to manage things when the neighborhood kids go back to school. I guess that's just one more reason to think year-round public school is a good thing, there's no one around during the days to distract the heck out of my kids and encourage them to not take care of their responsibilities.

    But such is life, and right now, that's pretty good. *smile*

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