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    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Water Works

    When we moved in here, I told the kids that there would be no more baths. Cutting down on costs and working to save the environment means that we conserve both water, and the gas to heat it. Absolutely no baths allowed, except as special treats.

    Showers only!

    So of course, the first thing Littlebit does when it's time to take her shower, is fill up the tub, then proceed to stand in the water and wash herself in the shower stream. *rolls eyes*


    Danged loopholes.

    I had no clue she had done this, as she's old enough to bathe herself (still needs help with her hair sometimes, but still), and doesn't need to be monitored in the tub. The whole house found her out, however, when she fell in the soap-slippery tub with a huge SPLOOSH!, and started crying.

    She was a little pink in one spot, so we gave her owie kisses, and scolded her for breaking the rules. Little did I know, but while we were administering first aide, her sister had jumped to the rescue of a box I had set on the edge of the tub that had also taken the plunge. Quick as a wink, Ladybug fished everything out of the water, and set it on the floor, in the massive puddle that had escaped when Littlebit had created her accidental experiment with rapid water displacement.

    So we spent most of the day strategically drying each and every bit of paper product that could be salvaged, each little sample bottle of lotion or shampoo, and everything else. What didn't dry properly with a towel, Ladybug put loosely into empty crates for maximum airflow, and we dried that way. Luckily for us, and thanks to Ladybug's quick thinking, everything was able to be salvaged.

    As a consequence of her actions, however, Littlebit had to take everything out of the bathroom, and hand-mop the floor on her hands and knees. We don't do punishments in our house much, but that doesn't mean we can't exaggerate a natural consequence to make it more uncomfortable. *chuckle*

    On a high note, we needed to mop the bathroom floor anyway, as that hadn't been done before we moved in, and we were planning on doing it ourselves as soon as we got things unpacked a little more.

    I bet she won't try to take a bath again without express permission, though.

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