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    Friday, May 23, 2008

    Almost There

    These last few days have been a doosey!

    We dropped by a mobile food and supply bank where Ladybug volunteered as soon as we showed up and stayed for the entire event, while we grabbed things for three separate households, and ended up giving rides to two folks we had met earlier in the week.

    We delivered the food to the other two households we picked items up for, helped a friend finish up moving from her old place into her family's home they just bought (which was so exciting to be a part of!), unpacked a bunch, worked a lot on cleaning up and repairing our new place (it wasn't what I would call "ready" when we moved in), and still managed to keep up our regular activities for the most part.

    Well, okay, the kids didn't miss out on anything they usually do anyway. *chuckle*

    We still haven't even come near to finishing unpacking and setting up house, or getting an honestly decent night's sleep, and I still have to pop back over to my mom's and grab my washing machine and carpet cleaner, but things are moving along nicely, if I do say so myself.

    And I do *wink*

    The girls are already showing improvements in their behavior towards one another and everyone else, and I attest that to the fact that the last while with house-hunting and all was really hard on them and disruptive to their peace of mind. Now that we're settling (at least somewhat) into a family routine, everything is moving much smoother for us all.

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