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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    She Just Keeps Going, & Going...

    Yep, that'd be me, the energizer mover. Today was a beautiful day for moving, and despite the stresses of hard work and a rushed schedule, nobody got really crabby. *grin* By the end of it all, we had pumpkins, Daleks, and kittens in coffee cups aplenty, and the rest of us were about to pass out from exhaustion as well.

    Our family is still eating on the spaghetti from yesterday's moving party, and desperately trying to find new and innovative ways to make it different for each meal. It's a good thing we have our spices and sauces moved over now. Did you know that seafood sauce tastes pretty good on spaghetti? Neither did I! Experimentation is our friend. *chuckle*

    Thanks to the gracious and generous help of dedicated friends, we are almost completely into our new place! We have an appointment to meet with the landlord tomorrow to review the move-in list, a few more things to retrieve from both his and my mother's homes, and I may be picking up a slew of tomato seedlings sometime in the morning as well.

    After all that is done, I get to help one of my friends finish up her moving process. It's a shame we ended up moving at about the same time, as I really wanted to help her out more, but I'm really glad I at least get to help a little. *smile*

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    Anonymous said...

    You are too sweet for words.
    Happy new home to you my friend!