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    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Unintended Bouncing

    I received a strange letter from my bank in the mail the other day, and was exceedingly confused. The letter said that I had an overdraft of sixty-some dollars, plus a fee of twenty tacked on (as banks are wont to do). This was the payment I had made to my credit card with my bank card after I had used my credit card to buy groceries for my grandmother.

    My grandmother had given me a check to pay me back for her groceries, and I deposited it the day before I paid my credit card. The money was available immediately after I deposited it, or so the teller had told me. I don't take chances with money.

    After a thorough investigation, I learned that the person who deposited the check entered the value of the check for fifty dollars less than it had been written for, meaning that my account didn't register as having the money I'd deposited, thus the "bad check". *rolls eyes*

    I found about it from my grandmother as well, the day I got the notice from my bank. It seems that her bank sent out her statement around the same time my bank sent out my notice. She did her research and called me, which enabled me to go to my bank and talk to them about the problem. They printed their copy of the check out and looked at it, but couldn't fix anything until they called some special office in another city, so I ended up being forced to wait two more days until they finally called me back and let me know the problem had been rectified.

    I hope the teller who deposited the check wrong because she didn't read the handwritten text instead of the numbers scrawled in the dollar value box on the check got a good talking to as well. Not that I wish anyone ill, but these kinds of mistakes, if not caught, can seriously damage a person's credit, if not just their monthly budget, and the teller that made the mistake, really needs to know about the mistake and how to prevent it in the future.

    All is well now, however. My bank has corrected the mistake, and refunded their ever-so-lovely overdraft fee they charged me for their mistake. My bank account is again the way it should be, and I am able to finish paying the rest of our monthly bills.

    I'm just glad that it is over and done with.

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    Rambleman said...

    So glad to hear it all got straightened-out.