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    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Overcast & Windy

    It was beautiful today, overcast with high winds, perfect for flying a kite, or just standing outside in the wind, letting it whip through your hair while the kids tried to sneak their toes into the puddles left by the morning's rain.

    I talked to a friend I haven't spoken with in quite some time, another friend's cat is feeling much better, and everyone I know is excited about the arrival of true spring in the Ozarks. Soon, the home school park days will begin again, and we will have to rearrange our schedules to make room for fun in the sun.

    We spent yesterday harboring the child of a close friend, and we all had such fun at the library and the park that the kids were exhausted when they got to their respective homes, and just fell into bed until morning.

    The kids can't wait to have a boffer creation day with the kids in the neighborhood so they can play sword fighting again, as we parents have collectively banned all of the neighborhood children from using sticks as makeshift weapons.

    Life is good. *smile*

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