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    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    Off Key & Cracking

    I've been free of illness for a good bit now, but my voice is still pretty fragged. I sound like I'm seriously ill, and for no good reason too. It's not very positive for being social or for showing up to any of the candidate forums I've been invited to. Can't really sound well-informed and professional when your vocal chords only allow you to croak feebly. *chuckle*

    So I've fallen back on my old standby. When my vocal chords seize up and refuse to work right, it's time to sing. Full-voiced, and horribly, torturing everyone in the family, I sing, croaking, cracking, off-key and all.

    It's no fun for me to listen to either, trust me. But it works. Stretching the vocal chords, forcing and stretching them into the two octaves on either side of their natural ranges in order to get them back into shape sounds terrible, like fingernails on a chalkboard, but it's worth the results. For every 30 minutes or so I engage in this horrible mockery of singing, I sound a little less sick.

    A little more time, maybe a day or two more of this, and my voice should be about back to normal. *grin*

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