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    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Coupla Days

    Hmmmmmm.... Now where to start.


    Went to the girls' last gym class with them on Wednesday, and spent most of the day with Faith. I was really honored and excited that she let me help her force-feed her cat, Tigger, and after a quick trip the the pet store for new oral syringes, we cooperated on his next feeding, and both of them had an easier time of it. *smile* Tigger stopped eating a while back, probably because he didn't like the new food bowls Faith bought for the cats, and he has to be force-fed until he decides to eat on his own again. She'd put down the old ones again if she could, but she threw them away when she replaced them. I ended up covered in speckles of moist kitty food, but he got a lot more food into him than the first feeding, and that's all that really matters, right? I think he's going to be just fine.

    In the evening, we hung out with Moosie and her youngest at a local restaurant, filled out some campaign paperwork, and talked about home loans, house shopping and mommy stuff. We were really tired after our busy day, but I still wanted to stop by and say hi to a friend, so we dropped in for a quick hello before we headed on home for some much deserved sleep.


    On Thursday, we slept in. Oh boy, did we sleep in. *laugh* After a quick banana for breakfast, I got down to more campaign paperwork, did a bit more on the new website, picked up the campaign mail, and sent off some things. Dropping Littlebit off at my mom's for babysitting, and letting Ladybug go with her biodad for the weekend, we headed over to a business with WiFi so I could be highly productive in peace. *chuckle*

    Keebler usually reads a book while I'm working, and we visit a bit as well, to get a little adult conversation into our day, but he's found a new way to occupy his time while I'm working. He's checking audio book downloads out from the library, and listening to them via my headphones from my computer while I work on other things. It's working out rather well so far, but I'm not so sure I enjoy having to stop what I'm doing when I'm concentrating hard on a detailed project so that I can "close his book" for him to go to the bathroom. It does take up less space than a paper book, however, and it keeps him from being bored while we're out together, and I'm basically ignoring him for the sake of a good day's work, crammed into 3 hours. *chuckle*


    I'm not sure what today will bring, but I do apologize for not blogging yesterday or Wed. Now if I can just get that loan officer to check his over-full voice mail inbox so that I can leave a message sometime, we'll have it made. *chuckle*

    Back to work I go!


    Moosie said...

    I talked to some people at the loan officers office today and they said he is out with pnuemonia and should be in his office on monday. though i sugest calling him till you get ahold of him and dont rely on him to call you.

    Whimspiration said...

    Oh wow. Thanks for checking in for me. I hope he gets to feeling better really soon. I'll keep calling until I get him. Thanks for the heads-up! *smile*