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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Weekly Weight Report

    This week made up for last week in spades. I've taken to slowly pacing when I'm talking on the phone instead of sitting still as a way to get a little exercise as well as make myself feel like I'm multitasking while still enabling me to concentrate entirely on the person I'm talking to. I'm not a big fan of just doing one thing at a time, but you knew that. *smile*

    Anywho, The weight just keeps dropping off, and by the looks of things, within the next month, 'll be at my primary goal weight, and still not looking quite how I want to. I'm already contemplating what I might look like then, and what that could make me set as my secondary weight goal.

    Starting weight (August 2007): 245lbs
    Last Week's Weight: 172lbs
    Current Weight: 161lbs
    Weekly Loss: 11lbs
    Total loss to date: 84lbs
    Weight Goal: 135
    Pounds to Loose: 26

    Keeb has lost another 10 pounds since the 6th, but he's not counting anymore, he just weighed himself for giggles earlier today. *chuckle*

    Starting weight (August 2007): 179lbs
    Final Week's Weight: 137lbs
    Weight Goal: 145, Surpassed by 8lbs on 3/6/08
    Total Loss: 42lbs

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