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    Wednesday, April 02, 2008

    Just like Mom Used To Make

    These past few years, I've lived in the Ozarks, only in the geographical sense. Weather-wise, we may as well have been in Texas. The heat, the dry, the regular, unchanging temperatures, and near constant predictable weather was a bore. A dull, unexciting, drag, as it were. *yawn*

    But this year is different. This year, we have our old weather back. Unpredictable, can't-pack-up-the-fleece-until-July Ozarkian weather. And really, I couldn't be happier. *grin* In the last two weeks, we have had snow, temps in the upper 80's, sleet, hail, a tornado or two, flash flooding, hurricane-force winds, warm rain, fog, and full sun.

    The varied, colorful and exciting weather I grew up with is back, and I'm reveling in the need to carry our coats when the family goes out on a summer-like day 'just in case'. The emergency supplies are all set up in our tornado 'safe room', and they'll stay there until they will likely not be needed anymore, sometime in late may.

    Some may see it as a hassle, and as a gardener, I feel the pain of all those who try to start their plants a bit early for a bigger harvest, only to realize that even into April, the ground may not be thawed, and there's still the chance of a killing frost. I know all about packing more stuff than would be necessary in any other climate into any camping trip, and my family is well aware of the fact that sunscreen and natural bug repellent can never really be packed away.

    As we say around these parts; "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it'll change". *chuckle* So here's to all of the Ozarkians out there, who can't quite grasp the concept of 'out of season' clothes, and love every minute of our crazy weather.

    To those who may not understand, just think of a memory from your childhood. Hiding from a tornado in the basement with the family is to a Springfield native, what hot cocoa and marshmallows is to a kid from Maine. It's a comfort, a warm feeling of belonging, a cherished opportunity to share a part of your youth with your children.

    It just feels like home.


    lovelife said...

    yes what fun the weather is in MO. your post brought back mem of hideing from storms and mo telling us stories as we were in the dark basement tell the storms passed.

    Anonymous said...

    Even though last year's ice storm was more harsh this year's weather has been so variant, more than I remember ever really. I do remember one ice storm when I was a junior in high school that happened in April.
    Remember I told you about that article I read "No. 9: Most Variety (biggest variations in temperature, precipitation, wind)
    Springfield, Mo."


    Whimspiration said...

    Faith, I remember you talking about that, thanks for the link! *smile*

    Whimspiration said...

    The link got cut so I had to search it manually. I found it though! *smile*

    I made it into a tinyurl for anyone else who wants to see it. Thanks again!