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    Saturday, February 09, 2008

    Wheel of Finance

    This month has been quite the monetary roller coaster so far. See, as most of you know, I'm on disability. This means I get a check each month, directly deposited into my bank account, with which I pay all my billzes and take care of the family's needs.

    I trust that money will be there every month, (as it's been every month for over eight years), so at the first, I just start paying my bills, and making the monthly purchases. I usually do this with my debit card to save trips to the bank.

    You can imagine my shock, when I checked my account and discovered that I was nearly $200 in the hole to my bank, and it wasn't even half-way through the month. I'm hardly ever overdrawn, and I've never been overdrawn like this before!

    Yeah, guess who "forgot" to pay me this month? Yep, the government cheated me out of my money. Good danged thing I hadn't given in and rented a new place last month like I had been contemplating, or I'd have my first ever eviction on my credit report. After 4 years of working to improve my credit, that's the last thing I needed.

    Well, I called up the SS office, and after waiting 10 minutes to speak to a live representative, I tried to change my address, and was put on hold for 20 minutes. I called back. It happened again. I still don't have my money.

    The only thing I can think of to do, is go into their office on Monday, and have a good, long talk with them about this. While it is likely somewhat my fault because I didn't change my address with them immediately when we moved, it's still really frustrating.

    We'll see what happens when I go in.

    So I haven't finished paying my bills, the new auto insurance policy is probably going to be canceled soon (payment's due now), and I have no money.

    In other news, Keeb has a job! *cheer*

    He went to an interview the other day, and started working right then and there. He's a petitioner. What he does is stand outside of places, asking people to sign petitions to get things on the ballot for the November election. The pay is a commission per signature, so he can work where and when he wants. So far, he's batting a pretty good average, and getting paid more than minimum wage. The great thing about it is that he can get another (paid by the hour) job and still work this one during his off hours, which will allow us to do so much more in the way of saving up for the Geopickle.

    Even better than that? He absolutely loves it!

    He's still looking for that second job.

    And the wheel turns...

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    1 comment:

    Rambleman said...

    Oh man, so sorry to hear about your disability payment not being deposited. Now I better go check mine just to be sure.

    Also, congrats to Keebler! That's awesome, and I'll bet takes a load off your shoulders. Give the kids hugs from me, please.