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    Sunday, February 10, 2008

    The Radish Sprouts Anew

    The Radish Infoshop has found a new location!


    818 College Street

    A Couple of blocks west of Grant Street on College

    (Look for the familiar Radish sandwich board open sign)


    The Radish Infoshop will officially re-open at their new location on April 1st, 2008.

    Yes, it's true! A cute little pale-green house on College street is soon to free the best radical lending library in this area from storage, and our big 'ole activist hearts from their slumber.

    Everything we loved about the old radish, and nothing we didn't, with lots of new ideas and projects. A place to not only organize, but also to activate, and be active. Improving the community, one yard and one heart at a time, to make a better world, the new Radish currently has the following things in the works;

    Provide free food, at least once week, along the lines of Food Not Bombs or the Burrito Project, hopefully in alliance with Project Brown Bag.

    Produce organically grown heirloom food, that we have grown ourselves with the most effective methods of limited space urban gardening, and share it with the community.

    Provide free clothing and fabric, 24/7, a more efficient Radish Free Store and sewing station for fashion altering and re-creation.

    Create a “safe space” for children, so rad families can network, create, learn, and grow as a community with the help of structured (and de-structured) children's activities and family fun time.

    Stop by and bring your creativity and willingness to pitch in. There are a lot of opportunities to help, and ideas are always welcome. The plans are evolving as the word is being passed about the reopening, and the art gallery and kids' areas already look fabulous.

    We'll be glad to see you on or after the first of April. Share the vision, some ideas, and find out how you can help, if you're anything like me, you'll love what's being done so much, that you’ll feel compelled to leave a dollar (or two) in the donation box. *wink*

    Map: Here [where: 818 W College, Springfield MO 65806-1804]
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