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    Friday, February 08, 2008

    Real Chinese Astrology

    Since we're on the subject of the lunar new year, I decided to look up a bit more about the family's eastern astrology. All of us know our year animals, but we had never figured out our month and hour signs before, so today was the day.

    As with western/European astrology, according to the teachings of Chinese astrology, the year, month, and hour of your birth can tell you and others much about you if you but look. In Eastern astrology, one also contends with the energy (yang or yin) and element of the year you were born.

    Many Western displays of the Chinese zodiac only mention the year of birth, for easier understanding. (much like Mario Brothers 2, which the Japanese thought we were too dumb to understand, so they sent us Doki Doki Mario instead.)

    Your year animal represents what others perceive you as being, while your month animal may be considered what you wish to become, or believe to be your true self. The hour animal is determined via time of birth and is the sign on which your personality is based. It is important to compensate for daylight savings, as it's calculated according to the sun's location and not the local time.

    Each animal sign has two buddies and one enemy sign. The two friends are located by counting four animals in each direction from your sign, while the deadly enemy is exactly opposite your representing animal.

    Here are the element/year/month/hour of our family as it relates to the eastern Zodiac;

    Littlebit: Metal Dragon, Rat, Tiger (good thing she has a little sense to balance out fierce dragon and daring tiger, or she'd be hell to raise.)

    Ladybug: Wood Dog, Horse, Pig (once she grows out of this teen-angst stage, she'll be the best, and most steadfast friend, confidant, and employee ever!)

    Keebler: Fire Snake, Pig, Horse (great talent for pampering, and a bit of a bliss ninny, but a fabulous friend and steadfast companion, through even the toughest times.)

    FrizZ (me): Fire Dragon, Snake, Snake (oh yeah, I'm a force to be reckoned with, but you should see the parties I throw!)

    You can discover your hour and month animal signs by visiting This Wikipedia page, and you can read the definitions for your animals, as well as get a prediction for the upcoming year of the rat for all of your animal signs here.

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