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    Monday, February 25, 2008

    Weekly Weight Report

    I wanted to loose weight to stave off arthritis in my knees, and the diabetes that seems to run in the family, but I wanted to loose mass, to look better, and fit into the cool clothes too. *wink*

    Over half-way to my goal, and I can already fit back into my two favorite dresses.

    <--- Even better, I can fit into a new, more fabulous dress that a friend gave me 3 months ago, and I simply could not bear to part with on the chance that I would be able to fit into it within a year. (there were other, smaller clothes in the bunch she gave us too, and I'm determined to squeeze myself into those as well.) *grin*

    I looked beyond fabulous at (Not)Con, but Keeb didn't do the greatest job at photographing the costume contest, so tis was the best shot I could find.

    Starting weight (August 2007): 245lbs
    Last Week's Weight: 188lbs
    Current Weight: 181lbs
    Weekly Loss: 7lbs
    Total loss to date: 64lbs
    Weight Goal: 135
    Pounds to Loose: 46

    Keebler didn't loose any weight this week. I guess his body and metabolism is more readily effected by sudden dietary changes (eg: eating out 5 times last week). This week doesn't seem to bode much better for him either, what with the week having just started, and we've already gone to a buffet. Not good for our money-saving plan either though. Going to have to start figuring out a way to make easy meals that we can take with us when for when we're out and about.

    Starting weight (August 2007): 179lbs
    Last Week's Weight: 150lbs
    Current Weight: 150lbs
    Weekly Loss: N/A
    Total loss to date: 29lbs
    Weight Goal: 145
    Pounds to Loose: 5

    In other news, my mother is going to join in on this with us this week. I have to take a "before" shot of her, and then we can begin. *chuckle* I have shots for me & Keeb, but my mother is a very private person, and of the few shots she's allowed to be captured in the past few years, none of them have been full-body shots.

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    Rambleman said...

    Wow, you're doing really well on the weight loss. Congratulations!!