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    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Jagged Road

    Been a little erratic with the blog lately, I know. I kinda poof-goned for a bit there. Sorry about that. I was over at my mother's again for the weekend, and dial-up is not fun, especially when you are trying to use every spare moment to sort through and get rid of a bunch of stuff that's in the garage. We did manage to get rid of two huge boxes of stuff, and that was just from sorting out 10 smallish boxes, and some of those were full of homeschool books, which of course, we kept. *chuckle*

    Life seems to be hopping around a bit, jumping and lurching at odd intervals and at strange angles. Keeb is going to several of the temp agencies in town, looking for a decent paying job, while I am desperately trying to get through the emails that have been piling up since September, help the kids with their educational goals, keep up with the blog, do my taxes, and learn how to write both grant proposals and numerous bits of business paperwork.

    We applied for state health insurance again yesterday again. Not so that we could get "basic" medical care, we haven't had the kids to a doctor but once or twice in the last 4 years, and that was only because they needed a prescription for something I can't make/duplicate the effect of with readily available herbs, vitamins, and supplements. With this auto accident, however, Ladybug needs more medical attention for her injuries that are still bothering her so that we can be sure to get all of them taken care of, as well as get an insurance settlement that accounts for those, and simply my word or hers is not going to get her physical therapy if she needs it, nor is anything shy of a doctor's note and more examinations going to prove to the insurance companies that there is an ongoing problem. So we apply again for "help" we would never have otherwise needed, but only because I can't afford the possible $400+ that is pay-at-time-of-appointment that we would be charged if we didn't have medical insurance to cover the necessary doctor's visit(s). Littlebit still can't get state insurance because of stupid laws and regulations enacted after 9-11 that state the government thinks she's a terrorist because she doesn't have a birth certificate from a state that refuses to give it to us.

    I finally got Keebler that SR22 that he needed to enable him to get his driver's license back, and now all we have to do is pay some stupid administrative fee to the state government, and have him the driver's test. Maybe he and Ladybug can study the test paperwork together. It's be nice to see her learning the basic laws of the road from a future driver's perspective.

    Well, it's back off to work for me, I've spent far too much time here typing to you instead of getting my work done, and my day is wasting away.

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    Rambleman said...

    Here's hoping that Littebit gets the medical help she needs. *HUGS*