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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Incompetent Sales Force & No RV

    Dropped off a flier at a used car lot the other day, and was reminded of what bad customer service looks like.

    There was nobody in the office (some folks were in the repair garage, I assumed were not the owner/manager of the business), and the door was locked, so I just dropped the note in their mailbox. As I walked off, some guy came trotting out of the repair shop and yelled "hey!" at me.

    I can only assume he thought I was some sort of criminal by the way he ignored me as I walked up, yes he was staring right at me, and then hollered at me as I tried to get back to my car.

    Yeah, he was not interested in selling a vehicle, that's for sure, or he would have approached me when I was walking up to the office in the first place. Dude either watches way too much cop tv, or doesn't like making sales. They had a mid-sized diesel bus there, at a really good price.

    Just goes to show that even the folks who are supposedly pros at sales can be real screw-ups sometimes. *shrug* Well see what comes of the note. Each time I see this sort of behavior, I wonder, are these people just bad at their job in general, or are they judgmental jerks who think an old car, relaxed clothes, and dreadlocks make for some sort of "scum" who's not worth doing business with.

    We've all heard of the millionaires who dress like everyone else and go into places to buy expensive things, just so they can snub the folks who treat them badly, right? I know I'm not the only one who has heard the tale...

    Mayhaps I should go back there earlier in the day next time and drop off one of my leftover advertisement cards for the book; "The Power of Nice". I could really help them make more sales if they'd read it and share it with all their employees.


    Moosie said...

    i was wondering where you went, you disc a peared.

    Summer said...

    I always thought that if I were to ever become rich I wouldn't try to dress or act that way for just that reason.

    The guy doesn't realize that even if he hasn't lost a sale that time, he might have lost future sales from anyone that you talk to. Heh.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm wondering if he realized that you weren't interested in buying a vehicle. I have to add that I'm disappointed that I got here from the Frugal Hacks blogs.

    Whimspiration said...

    Well anon, if it weren't frugal enough that my family is currently homeless and still manages to feed both ourselves and the individuals whose homes we sleep in (a total of 6 people) on only $412 a month in food money, then maybe it is frugal for you that my family of four only increases the utility bill of the two homes we regularly inhabit.

    I'm sorry I don't have enough frugal tips to make you happy, but being homeless kind of takes precedent over making your pernickety and judgmental butt happy.

    When my family gets a place to live, I'll probably post more often about you saving your precious money so you can afford your cable TV and family vacation, but until then, my family's survival is far more important.

    You have a great life in your nice warm safe home with your family.

    Whimspiration said...

    Summer, I won't ever change the way I dress either, unless I feel like it.

    Of course if I had more money, I'd likely have a seamstress make or modify clothes that better suited my personality and shape, but I very much doubt anyone would consider me rich if I were wearing clothes that actually fit properly. *chuckle*

    Whimspiration said...


    *poof* I's gonz! *giggle*

    No, seriously, I'm just messed up a bit because we were moving houses again and getting rid of a bunch of excess stuff these past few days.

    I'll get back on that.

    Rambleman said...

    Sounds like the guy at that place was a real jerk. Sorry to hear it.

    Evil said...

    Im gonna say he was judging you. Im saying this because I get judged a lot and it sometimes happens like that. I dont like a lot of people around here for the fact they they do judge you because of how you look and they dont always keep it to them self.

    I walked into sunshine lanes to fill out a job app. The lady looked at me and said "sorry we dont hire people that look like you".
    I dont think I look bad enough to not be in public.

    Im sorry you get judged but im glad to see im not the only one who does not act childish about it. Props to you :)