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    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    Used Up

    I think I fried my creative writing ability yesterday when I jammed with ladybug to create two poems for her writing class. Helping her to rearrange her words and teaching her two different poetic methods in one night has drained me completely. I have nothing.

    Absolutely nada.

    On the other hand, her teacher, classmates, and the board who funds the free teen writing workshops were impressed with her creations, so I have nothing but pride in her success. It was all her work, I refuse to help her beyond a little critique, brainstorming help, exampling with things I refused to let her use, and some basic guidance. I'm not the kind of mom who lets her kids get by on anything but their own ability and merit.

    Today wasn't really special, and I can't manage to single out any individual thing to write about, but I have to tell you something. You deserve at least that, just for stopping in. I know I feel let down a bit when I visit a friend's e-space after a few days and see nothing new, so I can only imagine how you feel, being used to daily updates, only to come here and find nothing at all for days in a row.

    Maybe tomorrow, after some good sleep (here's hoping for decent rest), I'll be able to concentrate enough to write something with a modicum of interest.

    As of right now, I am lucky to hold on to a thought for long enough to type it into the blog editor.

    Love ya though!

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    Evil said...

    Im so glad to see a parent that helps there child in ways that lets them help there self.
    I have seen far to many parents get flustered and just do the work for the child.