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    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Just Start

    Our dreams are all we've got no matter who we are, and I'm dead serious about making ours come true. So serious that I've listed our dreams on websites, told literally hundreds of people, and worked my tush off towards what we really want.

    I've told you of our dream of creating a working self-sustaining mini farm and community educational center for green living in the middle of the city, and about wanting to own and live in an RV. The hows, whys, logistics, and benefits of living our dreams have been explained multiple times in the history of my sharing here with you, so I won't go into it all again now.

    But I've gone and done it again, forever running my mouth off towards fulfilling our dreams.

    QuickBooks is having a contest called Just Start for small businesspeople or those who want to be. All you have to do is let them know what you would do to create or further your own business. The prize is $40,000 cash, and $10,000 in goods and services to help you on your way. You can enter via video or letter, but things being as they are, I don't have the time to make and edit a video, so mine was submitted in writing.

    Since living in an RV isn't exactly what most would consider a business dream, and my plans for how we would do it and how it would further the family business aren't easily explained in 250 words or less, I instead shared with them my dream of running an inner city eco-educational facility and miniature Certified Naturally Grown (organic) farm.

    The contest is partially based on popularity and votes, so I would be much obliged if you could take an extra moment out of your day to take a look at my entry and rate our dream and business plan. If you like it, please tell your friends. I can use all the help I can get.

    The widget with the link is giant and green, and living on the left sidebar. It may take a few seconds to load our business dream once you click the link, even on high speed, as the page is entirely flash.

    Everyone is welcome to join the contest and declare their goals, and all participants automatically get a free copy of some helpful business software.

    Feel free to also check out our wishes and dreams by following the text link in the left sidebar. They are directly underneath the big green widget.

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