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    Sunday, December 09, 2007

    Big Fun & Funny Hats

    After getting only 4 hours of sleep and not getting an email back from the terribly overworked parade coordinator within the exceedingly short (and did I mention busy?) week before the event, I decided to do what I always do. I packed up my supplies, dropped in at the event when it was first starting, had an impromptu chat with the folks helping to set up the square, and asked if I could donate my time by adding my talent to the festivities.

    As it happens most times, I was allowed to set up and start painting. *grin* Life is good.

    My mom dropped us off with three of our wheeled carts to get the supplies wherever we may go after it was over. In fear of the coming storm, she was heading over to her mother's and was not going to be able to pick us up from work and take us back to somewhere warm.

    There was a clowning troupe, with an adorable clownkid, at the parade there for the first time ever, as well as a balloon twister, and it was just grand to have them to perform with.

    Since I was donating my time, I took tips and implemented my new business model of taking photos of nearly all of my paintings to post over on the business face painting blog for all the parents to grab for their memories. See, I decided that since a lot of parents forget their cameras when they head to an event, I aught to add a little value to the face painting experience. Everyone loves having a little something to remember their fun by, and a photo of their paint is the best way I can make that happen.

    That paint I tried a while back? I'm really glad I didn't switch, because it rained off and on all day long, and there would have been an awful lot of unhappy kids yesterday if I had. Well, I might not like how that other stuff works, or it's staying power, but I did get one benefit out of trying it. Through learning how to use the other stuff, I learned how to sponge paint and blend with my regular paints. I now have a whole new world of possibilities open to me, and the new designs really show the difference.

    I was the best in the area before, and now I've become even better!

    Of course, all of the photos I take are copyrighted, and the only people authorized to take them from the site are the parents of the kids. To go see what I've been up to, you can take a trip over there and have a look. *smile*

    For a design I've never done before, I get a signed waiver/permission slip from the parents so that I can add the design to my book and website permanently.

    The reason I was up so late the night before a big event, you may ask? Last minute prep, like always. *chuckle* No matter how much we get done, there is something more to do, and this year it was finishing up the new themed design book for all winter holiday festivals, and building my hat.

    I've started making specialty hats to put my dreads up into for events these days. It adds to the festive atmosphere, makes people smile, and draws a lot of attention to the booth. It started this past Halloween when my fabulous paperboard *CoughTrafficConeCough* designer witchy hat got me on television during the report on the MSU homecoming tailgate party. (I have yet to show you that one, sorry.) It has now become an obsession, and the creative spirit drives me onward to more fun styles. This most recent holiday hat is a Yule tree surrounded with gifts, including not only wrapped packages of various shapes and sizes, but also a teddy bear and a shiny new bicycle with a blue bow. It doubles as home decor when I'm not performing with my brushes.

    We stayed late to paint up the last stragglers after the parade ended, as we often do, then packed up everything on the carts to take home. After stopping in at a local coffee shop for a creamy cup of hot cocoa to take the edge off the cold, we rolled our carts to Keeb's mom's place, about 1/2 mile away, through the thick fog.

    Yesterday was a lot of fun, but I sure was tired when we arrived at our destination.

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    Sassy Lucy said...

    You know it is simply lovely when you can do something you love...great work, excellent talent and something very popular here at everything from the Farmer's Market to the fairs.

    Oh and you've been tagged sweetie...pop over to the blog, I have 2 Monday posts, one is your tag...I also have a new book review posted on my Manic Bookworm Blog.


    Moosie said...

    i am down for a bit, pulled back muscle on top of finals. ill let you know when i am back.