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    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    The Ice Storm Cometh

    As a recent acquaintance said to me the other day, "everybody panic!". *laugh*

    When the weather man said that there was an ice storm coming, the sheeple mobbed the stores. Within hours, there was no propane, lamp oil, or oil lamps in the stores. The generators, batteries, and flashlights were in low supply, and I can assume that the shelves were also bare of pop tarts, survival food of idiots. I didn't check though, I was buying eggs and bread like I do every other week or so.

    My mom went to go stay with her mother in a giant 3 bedroom house so if they loose power, they can freeze together.

    I took my family over to Keeb's mom's place after the parade in case the predicted ice storm actually struck Springfield. With the help of my dear friend Faith, I went back to my mom's to pick up our propane stove, some lamp oil, a hurricane lamp, a couple of cans of propane fuel, some candles, and a bunch of the perishable food from mom's fridge in case she looses power over there like she did last year.

    My reasoning is such; Keeb's mom's place is small. If it's cold and frozen outside, even with no power, we can put the food in the window sill with the window open, or in a cooler in the yard for cooling, and the whole little brick-walled apartment can be both heated and well lit with only two oil lanterns. Little supplies forming maximum effect and benefit when used in the right way and in the right environment.

    Some people prepare for adversity, others run to what they know and hope for the best.

    Which one are you?

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    1 comment:

    Momo Fali said...

    Oh, you are TOO smart! Really, the smaller the better in that situation...but, I also like me some personal space, so I just don't know. I'd probably ride it out at home, hoping for the best. I'm pathetic like that.