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    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    I'm Not Really A Troll, But I Play One On The Internet

    Well, not usually, but they asked so nicely, I simply couldn't resist giving them what they wanted. No really, Mashable, the blog about all social networks asked people to troll their posts in a cute contest, and I decided to join in. I can always use a free gift. *grin*

    The post I went for was an easy one. Mashable says: "QuickJump, the extensive blogging network for coverage of all things concerning online and console games, is being auctioned off for a cool $5 million as its minimum bid." Then they ask the inevitable question of why, with $60,000 a month in revenue from the network, the owner may be selling.

    To me, the reasoning behind the sale was obvious. Being a "troll" however, I attempted to pass on my insights in the rudest possible manner, while bragging about having the first comment on the post, as I've seen many a troll do before my try at it.


    Well, let's see. Niche blogging sites are kack. Same as niche social networks are junk. Myspace, Facebook, and the other uber-cool sites are great because they are for all people, sharing all of their interests.

    You can get a really good target audience by trolling one of these multi-genre sites, discovering connections like "rocky horror fans generally also like going to clubs to socialize, watching/reading science fiction and fantasy, and enjoy role playing". That's the kind of ad targeting we need in today's complicated market, and despite what folks may say, the ads make the money for the network, so are all-important. No ads, no network.

    They niche sites are dying out because folks don't enjoy having separate accounts for everything all over the danged place anymore, and the owner of this thing is trying to get out from under it before it flops.

    Places like the social network for surf boarders are not for multi-dimensional people who happen to also surfboard, they are for people who only want to talk and network about surfing and nothing else. Serious fragmentation of the demographic.

    The people want simplicity and integration, while the companies want targeted niche markets. I see a rift in web 2.0 forming..."

    It's awfully hard to be insulting, obnoxious, know-it-all, and braggart on request.

    How'd you think I did?

    Could you be a troll? If you think you got what it takes, show off. Gimme a trollish comment on this post.

    (Just let me know you are trying for trolling, so I know you aren't being serious. Heck, you might be a natural!)

    * Also available for consultant work!
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    muttcats said...

    That was really lame. I can do better than that without even trying. In fact, I am ruder than that when I'm trying to be polite.

    Maybe you should get a job writing warm fuzzies on a puppy blog.

    Christina said...

    But that's not fair, everybody knows you are the queen of snark!

    he he