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    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    10 Years & Counting

    This week heralds the 10 Year Anniversary of Blogging. The jury is out as to whether the exact date was last Monday, or this coming Sunday, but it started ten years ago, my internets, here on the web for all to see.

    Now, that's not to say, like most have, that I believe the first ever instance of the word being used was a mere 10 years ago. Nay, I say. That was just the first use of the word to refer to a web log or journal online.

    Accordion Guy has tracked the spelling and use back to a Superman Comic from 1959. Unfortunately, it was used as a name, not in relation to a journal or log of any sort. That was just the first time the word was used in media though.

    The first time "blog" was used at all, was when Samuel Adams wrote about the Boston Tea Party in a little known journal which he titled "The Boston Log". When speaking to friends and colleagues, he referred to it as his "blog". Check the facts by scrolling half-way down this page, or join the discussion on gullible.info, a great source for true trivia and other "useless" knowledge, here. Seeing as how that was a journal, I can reliably say we've tracked the etymology of the word, all the way back to 1774.

    But I digress;

    It has been ten years since the word first came to mean what it does today; a web log, internet journal, or world wide web log.

    Hurray, let us all celebrate 10 years of obnoxiously bad web design, flashing glittery crud and cursor trails on pages spouting some of the most angst-ridden drivel ever.

    Further proof that one person, no matter how whiny and self-absorbed, can change the world.

    Happy Birthday Blogosphere!

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