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    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    $50 More In Homeopathic & Allopathic Medicines Later

    And I'm still sick. My mother decided to come pick us up to take us to register for the holiday gift & food baskets because today was the second-to-last day for applications, and she got us there just in time to see them switch the sign to say "closed". Lovely. So tomorrow, we have to wake up early to get there in time to even be considered for any assistance this year. I hope they let us in and accept/approve our applications.

    The reason we were late going to see it though, was that we saw a used RV lot here in town that we hadn't been to yet, and just had to stop in and look at a few of the used models. We ended up staying there for about 45 minutes viewing different RVs and talking to the sales-guy. He was really nice and low pressure, and promised to keep an eye out for what we were looking for, as well as offered us something much bigger than what we wanted for a really good price. The lot does do on-the-lot-financing! But I'm not willing to pay $500 a month for about 15 years on an 8yo RV with only two beds that can't fit onto a parking space and runs on gasoline. (not even a possibility of a biodiesel conversion there, and only 6-8mpg, so not what I'm looking for, especially for 22.5k.).

    Not when I can get a used Roadtrek Versatile for about 12k about 2 hours' drive from here. The problem is getting the money... *sigh* The salesman thinks that I'd qualify for a lot loan on the big one that's twice the price though, so... Ya never know. Maybe it is time for me to take a bus to another city to see a man about a rolling house?

    We're still going to go look at the van tomorrow after we finish applying for the holiday food baskets, just to make sure. Heck, ya never know, the owner of the van might know of someone in his church who has a small RV they no longer want that just wants rid of it. *shrug*

    Wow, that must've been the delirium talking. I think the medicines are starting to take effect. Now if my lips and nose would just recover from being so terribly chapped.

    *scrolls up* And here I sat down to write "Too sick to blog, working hard on getting better". That's sure a lot of words for such a little bit to say.

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    1 comment:

    Rambleman said...

    Sorry to hear you're STILL not better. *hugs* Here's hoping someone has a van they no longer need.