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    Saturday, December 15, 2007

    Dizzy & Tired

    I can barely keep my head up to type. Amazingly, I feel better in most ways than I did yesterday, but I think trying to get anything at all done in the past few days has finally caught up to me. Littlebit is feeling much better, and we have high hopes that Keebler and Ladybug won't even progress past the runny nose stage because we were fully prepared with all of the sick-fighters by the time they showed their first symptoms.

    It may be early in the evening, especially for those who know how late I usually stay up working, but I am beyond beat.

    In other news, the small amount of snow we got during the day today is gorgeous to look at through the windows.

    'Nighty night.

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    Anonymous said...

    Here's hoping that you're back to your energetic self quickly and that the rest of the family is better too!

    Rambleman said...

    Hope it's true that Keeb and Littlebit are going to miss the worst of the cold. Hope you wake-up feeling MUCH better.