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    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Creating a Welfare Society

    Sheiss Weekly wrote; "Some schools have a rule that even a child who earns a zero will still get sixty points, because to give a child a zero would be bad for the kid's self esteem. In some districts, 60% is a D-, and with a D- a student will be promoted, legitimately, to the next grade."

    She goes on to say that because of this idiotic policy, students who do nothing get passed on to the next grade, but kids who work hard but aren't very smart get left behind. In other words, working hard nets less benefit than doing nothing. This idiocy was something demanded by the parents!

    Which prompts me to note that dumbing down the children using the public school system has been going on since compulsory schooling started. It's just in the last generation or so that parents and others have started pushing the schools to make idiocy and lack of education a goal. It used to be that parents wanted more education for their kids, now the majority of them just want less stress and more time away from their kids. No cares about the actual quality of education, just keeping the kids away for a few hours a day.

    Free babysitting.

    That the schools are caving to this kind of pressure is proof that building a welfare society is considered a positive achievement. It is sad when someone who tries is punished, but someone who lays around and does nothing is rewarded, but that's how welfare works too.

    I guess that's a great way to program the next generation. And people wonder where the sense of entitlement in today's youth comes from. *roll eyes*

    Work hard, get less.

    Welcome to Amerika.

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